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PRESENTATION Burgundy bottle 750 ml closure With natural cork in case of 6 bottles Lying down HISTORY The Moscatel grape from Malaga is one of The indigenous varieties of the Denomination of Origin. Its origin goes back to the arrival of the Phoenicians to the coast of Malaga by the s. VIIa.e. Although traditionally it has been vinified as Sweet wine, recently, already begun the s.XXI Which begins to be made as dry wine calm. MONTICARA represents the first Winemaking in barrels of this variety.
HISTORY VOLADEROS is the first Mountain Wine that has been made in Malaga since the S. XIX. Until then, the Mountain Wine (a Dry white of Pedro Ximenez of no more than 14 ° Alc.) Was one of the most famous wines of Malaga, Together with the sweet wines made from this variety. The Rev Towsend, traveling Málaga in 1786 was the first to describe this wine with the term MOUNTAIN. The Pedro Ximenez or But Ximen was the wine that gave more fame to Málaga, "reminding him how many write Of this city, calling itself par excellence, Vino Malagueño ". García de la Leña 1789.
Vineyards of PX: Melilla's Wave is elaborated, mainly, from Pedro Ximénez grapes of the Montes de MA?laga. It comes from seven small plots of between 30 and 100 years old between the municipalities of Malaga and Colmenar almost hidden in a Mediterranean forest of oaks, cork oaks and carrasco pine. These are vineyards of dryland, of mount, located at an altitude between 800 and 1,000 m. An extremely steep topography, slopes between 46 and 76% require manual tillage with ancestral viticulture techniques. Yields under these conditions are very low (900 kg / ha), but the concentration of the berry is optimal for making quality wines.
Made from the Pedro Ximénez grape, this wine comes from the solera with more aging of the "fine" Alvear family who, after having a biological aging for more than 9 years, still keeps the flower veil alive. It is right on the subtle border that separates the old "fines" from the younger "amontillados". NOSE: Flower and almond souvenirs. Intense nose with slight oxidative touches and spicy and saline finish. MOUTH: Full, very dry, tasty and slightly bitter. With memories of nuts. Long finish with great persistence in aftertaste.
Vineyards originating from the Cornudella and Morera del Montsant. Harvest by hand in boxes of 16 kilograms made the first week of October. Breeding 5 months in stainless steel tanks. Notes of white fruit and almost Macedonian fruit; Then with unexpected acidity and tremendously tasty. Perfect for the season and any other time when we fancy a drink rich and fresh.
Aroma fruity resting on floral background and fresh, frank and complex flavor that after passing through the mouth leaves a long, fruity and pleasant aftertaste. A balance only possible with grapes coming from old vineyards of the Valley of Sainés and a pampered elaboration in which raw material and time are the key.
The nose is thin and complex, ripe red fruit. It is spicy, balsamic, mineral, elegant roasted, nuances of chocolate. On the palate is balanced balsamic, ripe tannins, fresh and fruity finish.
Breeding 12 months in French oak barrels (25% new). Harvest by hand. Aromas of black fruit, fresh, balsamic. The mouth is powerful and the step is velvety, fresh. The tannins are somewhat dry but ripe, the aftertaste is long and fruity.
Breeding 12 months of French oak (35% new). Harvest by hand. The nose is thin and complex, ripe black fruit (cassis, blackberry), violet flower, is spicy (white pepper), mineral. There is a presence of elegant roasts, nuances of tobacco. In the mouth it is potent and balanced, long, persistent, balsamic. Silky tannins. Oak well integrated and the end is fresh and spicy.
Breeding 11 months in French oak barrels all new and then 11 months aging in bottle. A stop glass stands out the ripe fruit with good intensity and balance with the wood. With the moving glass, the black fruit appears first. Plum and blackberry with soups of freshest fruit, cherries. Floral aromas to violets. Spiced quality notes and pastries. Subtle and elegant. Very elegant wine with soft entry. Wide and intense. Very good balance between acidity and aromas. Black fruits appear again taking prominence the blackberry, the pastry reminiscent of vanilla and nutmeg. Spicy, fine and tasty. Mineral and balsamic. Tannins with potency of guard. It is advisable to decant.
Aging in new French oak barrels 90% and American 10%. For 11 months and remains in the bottle for 30 months. In the nose is pleasant, clean, complex, deep and aromatic intensity very high. Prevails ripe plum with reflections of fresh fruit. Spicy, very interesting and varied with mixture of dairy and vanilla. Memories of clean leather (sweet tobacco), clove, some cinnamon and white pepper background. Appear bakery aromas, ample and fun. To entertain yourself and enjoy the wine. Wide entrance, in the mouth is intense, fleshy, silky and powerful but very elegant, fruity tannins. In the mouth dominates the fresh steal because of its good acidity, it passes from black fruit to souvenirs of strawberry and cream. Of important volume has spices of quality, tobacco, peppers, some cocoa, vanilla. Very pleasant aftertaste of fruit and spices, fresh at the same time as sweet. Due to its low filtration, it is possible to decant.
Cultivated the vineyards in argillaceous soil and carlcáreo with certone of sandstone. Cold skin maceration for several hours. I need bleeding. Alcoholic fermentation in French oak barrels. Without malolactic fermentation.
Breeding 6 months in stainless steel tanks. 4 hours of maceration in the reducing medium in the soil. Softly pressed for an hour and a half. Cold stabilization (4 degrees Celsius) of the must. Alcohol fermentation from 1 month to 50% with autochthonous yeasts.
Breeding 6 months in French oak barrels. Large, rich, round and elegant in the mouth. Perfect acidity that brings vigor and panache. Complex and harmonious with a subtle finish. It perfectly accompanies dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.
Blackberries and wild flowers, with memories of red, ripe and violet fruits.
Manual and selected harvest and second selection in winery. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks for 25 days with 3 daily pumping for extraction of color. Malolactic fermentation in French oak tubs. Later aging in French and American oak barrels for 14 months and 6 months more in bottle aging. Very powerful, aromas of forest fruits that mix well with roasted wood. Modern, pleasant and very easy to drink. Allows you to store it for at least 10 years.
Fermentation and aging in stainless steel tanks. Cheerful and casual. Clean aromas, delicate fruity of fresh red fruits. On the palate is fresh and friendly entry, with explosive red fruit finish, milk notes. Light and balanced, with tannins present but sweet. Swallow easy to travel.
Aged for 8 months in French oak barrels. In the nose it has a very high fruit intensity of blackberries, raspberries, blackberries and black licorice, which are combined with roasted and exfoliated aromas typical of its aging in French oak. Its entrance in the mouth is very fleshy and dense, with much amplitude. It emphasizes its balanced acidity, soft tannin and postgusto very long and suggestive, in which the fruit and spicy notes are again shown.
Manual harvesting. Cut maceration with the skins. Pressing at low pressure with a 50% extraction of the must. Of the production, 20% is fermented in bocois of chestnut and French oak for 4 months and 80% in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature. With the finest mothers a batonage has been made both to the barrel and to the tank. Discreetly surprising, it thrilled. Accuracy, balance, delicate richness of nuances in very good harmony. Compensated.
The vinification and elaboration is carried out entirely in our winery to guarantee the origin of the grapes and a rigorous process of elaboration. Manual harvesting. Short maceration of the must and pressing at low pressure with a 40% extraction of the must. Fermentation in small tanks at controlled temperature. Aging greater than 24 months. Elegant and persistent rosary, with formation of a good crown. Very soft aromas that gradually give off more intense aromas of red and sweet fruits and memories of violet. In the mouth it is smooth but voluminous, fruity and with long distance.
In the nose it has memories to apple and apricot and in the mouth it is soft, sparkling with acid touches that bring freshness.


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